Monday, October 20, 2008

My Dentist

This is the antithesis of my dentist.

He looks much more like he used to tour with these guys.

Much more than that, he does not like to inflict pain. Maybe he is in the wrong field of practice? He gives so much Novocaine that I feel like I'm going to be numb for the rest of the week. He also give a whopping dose of Motrin before you leave so you won't be sore later. And he calls that evening to see if you are doing okay.

He does do good work so I think I'll keep him and try not to drool too much until I can feel my lips again.

Thanks, Doug.

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Cook Family said...

I am looking for a new dentist. I'd love to get the name of yours! Mine gave me the boot -- she didn't like my insurance company so I have to look elsewhere. Lucky for me, she notified me of this change two days before my appointment, which I had scheduled six months ago!