Wednesday, October 8, 2008

In Our Lovely Deseret

Another hot day today and I was determined to do one more batch of jelly. Currently I'm waiting for the water bath to boil and once my latest batch of preserves is preserved, I will put this project aside for a while. I'm out of jars anyway and not ready to purchase more at retail price. Maybe I need to hit the thrift shops and look for jars. Lots of people don't know what do to with jars when they are done with them.

Well, if you were given the contents as a gift, you can return the jar to the giver in hopes that they will fill it again with something yummy and give it back to you. If you bought jars thinking you would get into food preservation and your garden wasn't the success you had hoped for and buy commercially produced product is more your style, I'll take the jars. (proof is in my garage--when aunt carol bonde moved to st. george she gave me all of her quart jars--most of them are still out there--i have to figure out Christmas gifts for everyone that can fit in a quart jar--clever packaging, yes?)

Then there are the jars that will take standard canning lid that you buy spaghetti sauce in. There's also a great jar that Mrs. Richardson's ice cream topping comes in. I think it's about 12 ounces, a great size for jam.

Anyway, I made honey-lemon jelly today. One more step to making my food
storage edible.
(brigham young envisioned the state of deseret reaching the ocean here in sunny so cal)


Queen Mother of 8 said...

Well, quart size Jelly/Jam works for us! HINT! HINT!! :) I need to do some jam making. Maybe I'll look today for something to make. OR maybe not. Anyhow, can't wait to taste all that yummy jam you made...again...HINT! Hint!!

B. Perky said...

You don't even need to hint. There's already a quart jar with something special for you. How many quarts to you need?

Shelly said...

I thought that was you who left a comment. I love blogs.....welcome. I love to hear what our friends and family are up too. Sounds like your having fun with jam making. I have a few jars, I may pass your way. Love, Shelly ps thanks for the vote on the carter's picture. I think #1 will be in our ad for yellow pages. It is so hard getting people to smile.

B. Perky said...

Shelly, I'll take all the jars I can get. I guess you could say that I'm obsessed. Rest assured at least one jar will be sent back to you full.