Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More Recession Food

I had some leftover rice from Sunday's potluck so I made some rice pudding. I just used the recipe from my handy old Better Homes Gardens Cookbook. Added some fresh nutmeg in addition to the cinnamon called for and used brown sugar instead of white just for fun. Made it a food storage event as well by using canned milk.

With a little vanilla ice cream, it was very good.
(next time i think i'll add orange zest, ginger and dried cranberries instead of raisins)


Lanna said...

We used to make rice pudding as missionaries. We drop in a whole cinnamon stick (since you couldn't get ground). And, canned milk makes it taste SO much better, in my opinion. I never used brown sugar, but yours looks exactly like mine, except for the color. I might have to make some this morning. Yum!

Jim Cobabe said...


The ginger tea did not help.

BTW. "it was very good" rings familiar somehow. Are you sure you have not borrowed that phrase from somewhere?

B. Perky said...

It's hard not to plagarize howbeit unintentionally.

Sorry the ginger didn't help.

I did have another thought on your nutrition problem. Quit eating warm/hot foods and stick to cool. Sometimes that goes down better. Soft, sweet foods seem to be tolerated better as well.

Milkshakes are worth a try, they are so calorie dense and adding pasteuried egg white boosts the protein.

You can skip the Ensure(too expensive), if you can tolerate milk, instant breakfast is almost identical in nutrition. Use whole milk.

Rhonda said...

I love the title "Recession Food." It reminded me of one of my favorite authors, MFK Fisher. If you haven't ready any of her books, I recommend them highly. I stumbled on her books when I was in high school. She wrote a book in 1942, when WWII food rationing was at its peak, called How to Cook a Wolf because the response of a true food lover when the wolf is prowling 'round your door is to kill him and cook him!

B. Perky said...

I have recently discovered Fisher. I've not really read anything yet but just browsed. It's raining right now. Feels like a day for hot chocolate and a good book.