Saturday, July 10, 2010

Alice in Wonderland?

Entertaining, but . . .

. . . has little to do with Lewis Carroll
and I think L. Frank Baum might have a case.


a little music said...

I didn't really think it was supposed to have much to do with the book, or on the Disney flick. It was just kind of a sequel, wasn't it?

B. Perky said...

The original Disney movie didn't do a great job either. Disney usually forbad his animators from reading the original material, he wanted to tell stories his own way.

Both films mushed the two Alice stories together. "Wonderland" was based on a game of cards and "Through the Looking Glass" on a game of chess.

It was entertaining, Larry liked it more than I did but he isn't familiar with the original material.

Is this comment too long?

a little music said...

How could a comment ever be too long?