Saturday, December 19, 2009


I made it all this way without giving in to winter depression. With the solstice only a few days away I am hopeful that I will soon be feeling better.

I'm glad the early Christians appeased the pagans by celebrating Christmas in the winter. It gives some of us a needed source of joy during the days of less light.


Paula said...

Dan always struggles with depression in the winter as well. I don't know how people in the far north--Alaska, Scandinavia, Russia--survive the darkness of winter. I know in many places there are traditions that call for lots of lights at this time of year.

a little music said...

I find that snow actually helps. When it comes, it brings a newness to everything, and the world becomes so pure and so bright. Even when the days are so short, with the dawn coming so late and night coming on so early, there is still a light about the world - a glow. Even in the darkness there is light.