Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I did it!!

This is a muffaleta - - -

I LOVE this sandwich!!

As far as I know, New Orleans is the only place to get one--

until now.

I found a recipe and made one.

With some apprehension, I took a bite.

It tasted like it was supposed to.

(i'm in heaven)


sara and gailon said...

Yummorooski! That is one tasty looking bite!

Care to share the recipe?

sara and gailon said...

See, I knew that there was a good reason to have a blog! Thanks for a yummy supper! And for the quilting books too!

Rhonda said...

Hey, I just found your blog, and I love it! Just so you know, Houston has great muffaletas. We're just a few hours from New Orleans, and there is definitely an influence here. My neighbor, who is from Houma, LA, is so Cajun I have a hard time understanding him about half the time! You can also find things like boudin and taso in the grocery store here. Come and visit us!

B. Perky said...

Yeah, Larry used to live in Houston and party in New Orleans on the week-ends. Is there still a Brennan's in Houston? I love that family. Best bread pudding in the world.