Saturday, September 27, 2008

Good News - Bad News

Well really only good news, I talked a little about the break-in yesterday. Thanks to some alert neighbors we were saved from some big losses.

We were away from home that night because we were at the hospital at the Employee Service Awards Dinner. I was recognised for 20 years of service.


A longevity award for me is a really interesting thing. I have NEVER gotten a job I've interviewed for, I'm a terrible interview. I've worked for family and from friends referrals and this current gig I got at a job fair during a hireing blitz when they were taking anybody off the street who had the proper credentials.

Then again, I'm too lazy to change jobs anyway so I guess Memorial is stuck with me.

The thing I will remember the most is that I was recognised by the Chief Nursing Officer. She is the big boss of some 1400+ nurses and gave plaques to more that 80 that night.
She called my name, "Rebecca Perkins" and then looked over at me walking towards her and cried out, "Oh, Becky!" Big hug, big kiss. That's what I mean by being recognised by the CNO. She knows who I am.

(now that this relationship is secure, I can move on to working on the CEO)

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