Monday, January 1, 2007

Today I Begin

Well, it is the first day of 2007. I resist starting anything new on this day, it just doesn't suit me. Be that as it may, I am going to start to blog. I do not know where this will lead me. My interest was first peaked when I started reading physician and nursing blogs. There are some very interesting people out there and it is fun to read about my colleagues from around the world.
I have a friend, Amber, who has moved out of the state and started a blog from her new home. Her link connects me to a few other people I know and this is part of my inspiration also. I don't make my presence known there very often so I could be considered a "lurker."
I don't have any expectations here, I will write that which pleases me to write and if others read and enjoy, that will be a bonus. This will not primarily be a nursing blog but I will write about work so you non-medical people that may happen on this are warned--the descriptions could get graphic.
My husband, Larry, objects to the title of my blog. He thinks I am anything but ordinary and I love him for thinking that. I know I am different therefore not ordinary but I feel like there is nothing spectacular about my life and that I lead a very quiet existence. Who would want to know about my life anyway?
An I.V. just came out--duty calls.
B. Perky

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